Handicraft Training Schools

Thangka "Dükor"

The Handicrafts Training School of Magön that was built in 198 downhill from the monastery is a small jewel of traditional Tibetan architecture. It has a large oriel window that provides the drawing hall on the second floor with a maximum of daylight. Most of the students study thangka painting, and wall, pillar and ceiling painting. A few students have already completed their training and are working as successful thangka painters. The school has already acquired a high reputation for its excellent quality, both within Dagyab and beyond.

In Bugön itself there is a smaller school for handicrafts. Here appliqué and embroidery, and also ceramic statues and masks are produced.

Thangkas of very high quality are available through the Dagyab Association (Dagyab e.V.). They cost between 150,00 € and 350,00 €, depending on size and details. However, one must reckon with a waiting period of up to 6 months.


Thangka Painting Students
Lamas Examine a Thangka