Monasteries/ Nunneries

Mural painting of the Green Tara

There are about 3000 nuns and monks in Dagyab at this time. About 300 monks live in the main monastery of Magön, 325 in the second largest monastery of Bugön, all others live in small village monasteries or in private households; although all monks wish to be connected to monasteries where they can study and practice, this wish can only be fulfilled if the government increases the number of existing permits and the monasteries are able to offer adequate conditions both in terms of space and support. The same holds true for nuns. Officially, a total of over 600 nuns live in the larger nunneries of Jorkhe Ritrö, Evam Ritrö and Drölma Ritrö. A far greater number of nuns are compelled to live with their families and are - unfortunately - highly valued by the latter as additional, permanently available labor power. These nuns would naturally prefer to be connected to a nunnery.

A Nun from Drölma Ritrö, Who Is Also a Doctor

The completely isolated hermitage of Drölma Ritrö ("Hermitage of The Goddess Tara"), located high up in a side valley, is the largest of the nuns' hermitages.


Geshe Sonam,a highly respected master, instructs many of the nuns living there in Buddhist philosophy practically all-year round. This course of study lasts seven years and is comparable to the basic course of study for geshe candidates in the monastic universities. An advanced course of study is also available, so that the introduction of a complete geshe course of study (a doctorate in Buddhist philosophy) for these nuns is to be expected in the future. This would be equivalent to a revolution in Tibet, where traditionally only monks were entitled to this training.


Junge Dagyab-Nonne

New: The Nuns' Hermitage of Evam Ritrö

The Association received a letter from the abbot of the nuns' community of Evam Ritrö with a request for support. These nuns, who enjoy a high reputation as dedicated Tantra practitioners (mainly Vajrayogini), will receive more support in the future. Are there perhaps Buddhist Tantra practitioners in Germany and elsewhere who would like to - as the Tibetans say - "tie a karmic knot" between themselves and this hermitage, and sponsor these nuns? Please contact us!


Nuns' Hermitage Jorkhe Ritrö
In front of the medical station in Jorkhe Ritrö