The Dagyab Association (Dagyab e.V.) as a Registered Non-Profit Association


The Dagyab Association /Dagyab e.V.) has been freed from paying corporate income tax by the Ludwigshafen Inland Ievenue Office according to Notice of Exemption No. 27.1124 of March 19, 2001. This means that we can issue valid tax deductible receipts ("Zuwendungsbestätigungen"- termed "Spendenquittungen" until 1999) for your donations.

If you include your name and address on your remittance slip you will automatically be sent a confirmation of your donation from our treasurer at the start of the year following the date(s) of your donation(s). And our contributors naturally receive the Association's annual report on a regular basis by regular mail, usually in early spring.

Please note our Donations Account:

Account No: 135 060 150
Bank: Sparkasse Südliche Weinstrasse, Landau (Germany)
Routing No: 548 500 10

Who We Are:

We are by no means an association pursuing political goals of any sort whatsoever in Tibet. It is rather our purpose to help the people in Dagyab in mastering very elementary problems such as education and training, and health care. Projects for monasteries make up less than 10% of our expenses in Dagyab (apart from earmarked donations). And here we focus on traditionally neglected groups such as nuns.

The Association does not conceive of itself as a membership association or club that fulfills its goals by attracting the greatest possible number of dues-paying members. The founders of the Dagyab Association (Dagyab e.V.) seek to avoid the administrative burden and costs that arise under such circumstances (as experience shows) at a minimum. We wish to redirect the time and effort invested in administrative tasks (considerable enough) as much as possible to the actual work for Tibet. For this reason we generally accept new members only at the General Meeting of the Association, and we do this gladly when one has worked regularly for the Association on an active basis. Those who wish to support the Association's goals actively have many opportunities to do so:

  • Through a one-time donation.
  • Through regular donations.
  • Through a regular contribution that can be automatically debited from your account by our treasurer, if desired.
  • By taking on a sponsorship.
  • By organizing benefit events of any and all kinds.
  • By requesting donations to the Association instead of birthday gifts.
  • By doing "PR" for the Association's goals among your friends and acquaintances.