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Welcome to Dagyab e.V.

Dagyab e.V., Support for the People of the Tibetan Regions of Dagyab and Minyak was founded in 1993 at the suggestion of the high Tibetan dignitary Dagyab Rinpoche and has been able to set up some remarkable projects in Eastern Tibet until 2015. The people of Dagyab and Minyak have received great support through donations for the four areas of traditional Tibetan medicine, studies, art and nunneries. Since 2008 all NGOs that have worked in Tibet have experienced increasing difficulties, as the local authorities no longer want to allow projects by foreign organizations. However, in our Tibetan project areas, at least the health stations, arts and crafts schools and much more that have been established with much commitment are still of great benefit and are now financed by the state. 
In the meantime, we have initiated projects by Dagyab and Minyak Tibetans in exile, especially for pupils and students as well as nuns, who also urgently need our support.

For the past year, we have also had a new logo, designed by Dagyab Tibetans from Belgium, which applies to all European Dagyab communities.

The Tibetan word “Dagyab” means "rock ledge", and this is reflected in the new symbols.

Elke Hessel
1st Chairperson of Dagyab e. V.