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The Tibetans from Dagyab and Minyak are highly motivated by the help that comes from you.

Your help means a step towards better health, better education and the preservation of a unique culture. Your commitment is a contribution to a dignified life, and it is international understanding that creates bonds despite the great distance, the cultural differences and the different living situations.

Please help us to continue the projects we have started and to initiate new help!

We currently have three different project groups supporting Tibetans in exile from Dagyab and Minyak.

  1. Support for Tibetan pupils and students
  2. Support for Tibetan nuns in India
  3. Support of cultural projects, such as the printing of Tibetan books.

You can donate to one of the projects once or regularly (until further notice). Please mention the respective project when transferring the money.

You will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year. (However, please also state your address (postcode, town, street, house number) on your transfer under purpose of use, otherwise we will not know where to send the certificate!

For all those who are interested in donating regularly to the association, we would like to remind you of our offer to have a certain amount of money debited from your account at a certain frequency. This saves your time and the association can plan much better.

We are very happy about donations for the projects of the Dagyab Association. If you have any questions, please contact us at info[at]

Donation account of the Dagyab e.V.

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