How did it come about that an association for the support of the people of Dagyab was founded in Germany?

The former head of Dagyab, Loden Sherab Dagyab Rinpoche, who taught and researched for more than thirty years as a Tibetologist at the University of Bonn and is now retired, has been able to visit his former homeland several times. Although his fellow countrymen and women have been able to rebuild some of the monasteries with great effort, it was obvious that the schooling and medical care available to the population were utterly inadequate. It was also clear that the knowledge of traditional arts and handicrafts was in danger of dying out completely.

For these reasons, a group of Dagyab Rinpoche's dedicated friends and co-workers who had heard about the situation in Dagyab decided to start an association for helping the "Dagyapa" with their development.

Dagyab Rinpoche with Members of the Association

The work of our association has had four primary goals from the very beginning:

  • Raising the level of education
  • Improved medical care
  • Preservation and care of Tibet's unique culture
  • Improving the training and living conditions of the nuns.

How Can You Help?

The people in Dagyab are highly motivated thanks to the contributions from Germany in the four areas of medicine, schools, art and nunneries (see details under Projects!). They know that this support represents a great opportunity for them.

Teachers and Project Managers in Dagyab
A Nomad Child with His Grandmother: What Does the Future Hold for Them?

Your help means a further step towards improved health, better education and preservation of a unique culture in Dagyab. Your commitment is a contribution to life conditions consistent with human dignity in Dagyab and therefore to understanding between peoples; it creates bonds of trust and friendship despite the great distance and differences in culture and life circumstances. Dagyab?s people are counting on our commitment. Please help us continue with and complete the projects that we have already begun in Dagyab and start new ones!

You can make general contributions, or earmark them for specific purposes in the four areas of medicine, schools, art and handicrafts or nunneries, to the donations account of the Dagyab Association (Dagyab e.V.):

Account Number: 135 060 150

Sparkasse S├╝dliche Weinstra├če in Landau

International Bank Account Number: DE70 5485 0010 0135 0601 50


You will receive a receipt at the beginning of the year following the date of your contribution. Please include your address (country, zip code, city/town, street, house number) with your transfer (under "Verwendungszweck"/"Purpose"), otherwise we have no way of sending you your receipt!

We wish to remind all those interested in contributing regularly to the association that you may have a particular sum deducted from your account in a rhythm of your choice through direct debiting. This saves you work and simplifies the association's financial planning.

Schoolchild with photo of the German sponsor