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Currently, the Dagyab Association supports mostly young Tibetans in exile in India and Nepal.

The assistant of Dagyab Rinpoche in India, Geshe Tsepak Chöpel, who has taken over the coordination of the projects of Dagyab e.V. in India, organizes the support of meanwhile 30 students. Many of them have sent us letters in which they thank us, of course, but also tell us their own stories. At least half of them were born in Tibet and fled to India, leaving family and relatives behind. The money is not paid out by Geshela according to the "watering can system“, but is based on the different situations of the young people: Some already receive partial scholarships from the government in exile, some still live at home, others are on their own and have to pay the rent in the hostel, for example. All of them are required to send their certificates every year and report on the status of their education.

If you would like to contribute to the education of one of the young Tibetans, please contact us: Help

To our great joy we now also have the opportunity to support 22 nuns living in India who originally came from Dagyab and Minyak. Most of the nuns come from Jangchub Chöling Monastery in South India, from Dölma Ling and Ganden Chöling Nunnery in Dharamsala. Three of the oldest nuns live outside in their own accommodation. They have asked us to provide support for their food, medicine, teaching materials and new robes.

If you would like to support our nuns' projects, we would be happy to do so: Help

We also support other individual projects - for example, the printing of Tibetan books. These are described in our annual reports (only available in German), which are mostly published at Losar, the Tibetan New Year.